martes, 26 de octubre de 2010


American Black Bears live in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. An American Black
Bear can be up to seven feet tall if it stands on its hind legs. A mother Black Bear can have
2-4 baby bears. They have the bears in winter. The baby bears are called cubs. Duriing the
winter, the cubs stay with their mother in the bear den. During the summer, the cubs like to
go outtsiide. They like to run and play. The cubs drink milk provided by their mother. The
cubs eat nuts, berries, and insects. The cubs also love to eat honey. During the winter, the
cubs sleep in the den with their mothers. They rest all winter. The cubs will lleave their
mother the next summer. They will move away to start their own family.
Brown Bears live in the North. They live in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho,
Washington, Alaska, Canada, and northern Eurasia. Brown Bears are very big. A Brown
Bear can be up to ten feet tall if it stands on its hind legs. Like Black Bear cubs, Brown
Bear cubs are born in winter. They drink milk until spring or summer. The mothers have 2-
4 cubs. Brown Bear cubs stay with their mothers for 2-4 years. The adult females, called
sows, teach them to hunt. They like to hunt at night. They like to hunt in large, open
spaces. Brown Bears eat mostly fruits and vegetables, but they also hunt and eat other

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